General assessment, mouth examination 3.000 Ft  
Intraoral digital roentgen 1.500 Ft  
Digital panorama roentgen 5.000 Ft  
Groove closure 4.000 Ft / Tooth
Machine-aided fluor treatment 3.000 Ft / Treatment
Milk-tooth filling 2.000 Ft  
Glass ionmer curative filling 5.000 Ft / Tooth
Photopolymerization filling 11.000-14.000 Ft / Tooth
Rebuilding of broken teeth 15.000 Ft / Tooth
Trepanation 5.000 Ft / Tooth
Localization and filling of root canal 3.000 Ft / Tooth
Medicational closure of root canal 2.000 Ft / Treatment
Root filling, front teeth 6.000 Ft / Tooth
Root filling, grinder teeth 5.000 Ft / Canal
Inlay made of gold 30.000 Ft / Tooth + Price of gold
Removal of amalgam, or other heavy-metal 5.000 Ft  
Porcelain 30.000 Ft / Tooth
Gradia 30.000 Ft / Tooth
Crowns, Shell    
Direct shell, made in the clinic (composite) 17.000 Ft / Tooth
Zirconium shell 55.000 Ft / Tooth
Zirconium crown 55.000 Ft / Tooth
Porcelain shell 30.000 Ft / Tooth
Metal ceramic crown 25.000 Ft / Tooth
Tooth Supplements    
Removable dentures, per mandible, from acrylate 80.000 Ft /Ea
Metal plated removable denture 90.000 Ft /Ea
VALPLAST removable denture 90.000 Ft /Ea
Abutment 10.000 Ft /Ea
Crown re-affixation 2.000 Ft /Ea
Teeth jewelry    
Teeth jewelry affixation 6.000 Ft  + Price of jewel
Tooth Whitening    
Internal whitening of discolorated, root-treated teeth 10.000 Ft / 3 treatments
Laser-whitening of root-treated teeth 8.000 Ft / Tooth
At-home teeth whitening 30.000 Ft /Ea
In-clinic BEYOND lamp teeth whitening 26.000 Ft / Mandible
In-clinic BEYOND lamp teeth whitening 46.000 Ft / Whole mouth
Mouth Hygiene Treatments    
Professional teeth cleaning /plaque removal, polishing, salt polishing/ 15.000 Ft  
Salt polishing 6.000 Ft  
Plaque removal, Polishing 11.000 Ft  
Soft laser treatment 3.000 Ft / Treatment
Closed curette 4.000 Ft / Tooth
Open curette 6.000 Ft / Tooth
Open curette, per quadrant 30.000 Ft  
Gum recession treatment with tunnel technique 25.000 Ft  
connective tissue-own lobe transplantation 30.000 Ft  
Tooth removal 4-8.000 Ft  
Root removal 5-10.000 Ft  
Surgical tooth removal 8.000 Ft  
Dissectation 8.000 Ft  
Root-peak resection 20.000 Ft  
Surgical removal of wisdom-tooth 20.000 Ft  
Implantational systems used in our clinic    
SGS (Swiss)    
PREIO (Swiss)    
WITAL (Greman)    
STRAUMANN (Swiss) World-leading implantational system    
Miniimplant Imtec (American) Implantation for denture affixation    
Depending on the type and quantity of implantation utilized, per arrangement
Bone supplementation, with mambrane 40.000 Ft / +Bone Supplement + Membrane
Lifting of maxillary sinus 30.000 Ft  
Occlusal pathway and joint localization using Face-bow 10.000 Ft  
Corrective rail 30.000 Ft  
First examination, treatment planning 3.000 Ft  


Prices listed above for informative pruposes only. Official bid can only be issued following an examination.